21st November – Then there was Cake

You know how some people do baking with children to keep them occupied in a productive way…


19th November – First Response is… That is a stupid question!

So many questions start with “I know it’s a stupid question but…” and a sensible question follows.

But today someone genuinely asked “so what if my casualty says they are unconscious and have no pulse, can I just believe them and start CPR or do I have to check?”

How do you explain if they are talking, then they are breathing, and conscious, and definitely don’t need CPR. And we did check, she did mean verbally tells you has no pulse!

18th November – Giant Oaks from tiny acorns grow

It’s hard to remember the good day that you had, when the main thing siting in your head is the way the mere writing of an email can trigger such feelings.

Just thinking to write about it is enough, the inconsolable route to dehydration, while clinging on to and being massive grateful for the support.

And the bit where here another 24 hours later the momentary reflection to write this is enough to feel the water running down your face.

But it was a good day and that needs to be held on to.

17th November – “we are only as strong as we are united”

The hardest part wasn’t, but it went downhill from there.

But whatever happens there are still some amazing people who will: fight for you (though never tell you themselves;) support you and cope when you can’t; miss you when you’re not there and ask anyone to try to check you’re ok (even when they know they can’t get an answer.)