30th April – Timeout does you good.

30th April - Timeout does you good.

I normally work through lunch. Just paperwork, sorting issues and other mundane faffy type things, not today.
Today the sun was shinning, and I left the building, I left the site. I went and had lunch.
I thought I was going to waste the 1 hour I have for lunch, but I didn’t! I achieved loads, nothing tangible maybe, but when I can back I was happier, I was full of bounce and that bounce lasted all afternoon till I left work and beyond. I achieved much more in the afternoon than normal, real tangible stuff, and was still full of bounce when I left.
So think you for suggesting leaving site and sitting in the sun, you made my day, you are great!
(I know you don’t think it, I know you’d never believe it, but I think you are great anyway.)


29th April – it’s what it represents

29th April - it's what it represents

These are the cupcakes that were made for me as a birthday cake, however the friend that made them got a bug.
She says I shouldn’t eat them as they may have the bugs that made her ill. But I want them as they were made especially for me because she cared enough to do it, and still cared enough to visit even though she was poorly.
One day she will know how much this meant, and that she is appreciated (lots). She will also know I ate a cake and am not sick, yet.

27th April.

27th April.

I can’t take photos of people, so I tried experimenting with the cat…
Mostly he just looked grumpy, here he mostly looked special instead.
I don’t understand why I can take good photos of landscapes and flowers when I’m not a big fan of them but can’t really do animals or people.