31st May – Sea Swan


When you think if the beach, you think of crabs and fish, gulls and turns, and sandy feet. And when I went to the beach today, I had all of these. However, I also saw swans! Now forgive me my ignorance but I don’t think of Swans as being a sea bird. Yet they were there, loads of them.
Don’t get me wrong, they were very intelligent, eating the bacon people we using for crab fishing, eating the newly released crabs, the left over picnic food. You can see why this was a good place to hang out.
But even so they were Swans, swimming on the sea over sand, and in my head Swans live in ponds and rivers most defiantly inland. Swans are not a salt water bird, they are a fresh water bird, or at least they were until today.


29th May – The beginning and the end.


Many months ago when it was dark and cold I used to sit in a car and watch the flashing light on a green buoy, it was comforting while we talked. It’s green flashing light a comforting constant presence. That was the beginning.
And today, today was the end. It was the same green buoy, but it was day time. There was no light. It was the same car, the same buoy, the same person, but the situation was so different.
That was the beginning with the light, and today was the end.

28th May – Bunny and his gender identity.

Having now made two of the ridiculous hats…
I thought about making sensible, something someone might actually like/want. Hence the starting of a toy from the Sock Monkey Book. I realise normal people would start with either the first one, the title character, the easiest… But I figured the Bunny was cute…
And so he is made, he doesn’t have a name, that will be up to his owner, all he has is a gender! I didn’t mean to give him a gender, I didn’t even know I had. I don’t even really know what a gender is in Sock Bunny world. But he is a he, he was a he while he was being made and now he is finished he is still a he and of that I am sure.


27th May – A new skill?

Never done it before, but have though about trying for a while…
Then someone supports you in having a go, an even if you can only do the most basic thing they praise you! Even if you have only managed two chords, and still can’t link them!
But in the same way as you praise little people, big people blatantly respond to it too. I was very proud of my two unlinked chords, one day I might link them, or learn a third, or even practise them so they are learnt not just tried and forgotten.

26th May – why do awesome people not recognise it, but rubbish people think they’re great?

There isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a light, a thing to aspire to. However there is no tunnel, it is a thing we see, we build for ourselves. It is only us that sets us on a linear path, if we are brave enough to deviate, to look another way we will see there are many ways to get to the light. We don’t have to go alone the tunnel we believe to be there.

Sitting on the grass with a great person telling you they are rubbish is heartbreaking.
All I want to do it wrap them up in my arms and make it alright, make them understand that they are great, that they are valued and cared for, even if not by the people they want to be cared for by.