27th July – TransPride

For me this was a very bizarre event. It was lovely to be part of the first ever TransPride in Europe.
I love LGBT Pride and feel part of it. This event looked like the same kind of event, but it’s odd to keep getting the look that says “why are you here? Do you belong? Are you one of us?”
I always thought LGBT Pride was inclusive, but is this the way straight people feel at Pride? Like an outsider, and looked at with suspicion as someone who just doesn’t fit in.


26th July – Way way back…

In my second year of senior school (year 8 for those too young to understand the old system) I had a speech and drama exam.
One of the set texts always made me cry, it’s not a book I would ever have discovered by choice. But it’s a book I learnt to love during the preparation for this exam.
For some inexplicable reason, because I know it makes me cry, I can barely get through the first page without tears – even though there is nothing sad that early on.
I have the same reaction to the film of Watership Down, actually Bright Eyes as a song is enough!



24th July – In a forest, in a wood…

I swear I am at my happiest when sitting in a field with a tent to sleep in, and a fire.
Not just a fire to keep me warm, but a fire to cook on and watch and lovingly tend.
Does this make me odd? Maybe, but if you have ever seen the look on a child’s face as you teach them to light their own fire using birch bark and a fir cone… Especially when they’ve never lit so much as a match before.
That look of amazement is priceless and inspiring.