30th September – Time

Time, as shouted by the hobbit when stressed…
Some times you just need time, thinking space, breathing space, time to just download your brain and gear up for the next phase…
Time… Please, just time.



26th September – He is as illogical as me!!

I am the first to admit I am scared of spiders, bizarrely more scared of them in my house then when I’m outside. I think I justify this to myself as in my house they are I’m my territory and out outside I am in theirs…
But what is truly peculiar is that, while both my cat and I don’t like spiders, we are fine with crane flies. I caught one in college and put it out the window as my class squealed about flying spiders and this evening my cat caught one in the lounge, then sat and ate it and looked all nonchalant licking his paw.
What is it about them that means we are fine with them but scared of spiders?!?


25th September – Appearances.

I hate that bit where you have to “do” disappointed or angry. I know I didn’t do my homework, but it frustrates me when you give students pre work, they don’t bother, then spend the lesson being disruptive because they don’t understand.
Either you need to be bright enough to cope or you can’t skip your homework… Ideally you need to be bright and the homework supports you and you become genius!
But it’s that bit where you do the homework lecture, and you know you’ll never do scary enough, or disappointed to induce guilt, so you need to get students to understand the purpose… And that is harder than finding the scary mouse!