31st January – Pincushion

I’m un impressed and feel a great deal of empathy with pincushions 😦
After yesterday’s CT scan and accompanying canular, blood tests etc today has brought more blood tests, a new canular and shortly a lumber puncture…
I figure writing this before they stab me in the back and I feel more rough is a good plan!
I’m not sure how many more needles my body can take, especially as I apparently go a funny green colour and look and feel like I’m going to throw up each time they stick another needle in me.
I can’t understand why I’m ok with other peoples blood but mine running down my arm out the canular just makes me want to vomit and faint…



30th January – Filing…

When you look on the list of locations for Ambulatory Clinic, which looks like it might start with an “a” or at least have the initials “AC” and there is nothing…
After wandering over to reception feeling a bit blind and stupid only to be told to follow the signs for MAU!!!
How is this logical?!?
It’s almost as logical as a 11.00 appointment being for 1pm!