23rd February – Slowing Down

Normally I would choose the active options.
It’s nice to have had a week sitting enjoying the snow with a mug of hot chocolate, I may have preferred to throw myself down the mountain on a variety of sledges, airboards and so on.
But I am learning to go a bit more slowly and enjoy the view.



22nd February -Thinking

Today is a great day.
It’s not like valentines day which is depressing if you’re single, it’s not like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day which is complicated if your family situation is complicated.
Thinking Day is a lovely reminder to remember your friends both close to home and spread around the world.
Scouting and Guiding have offered amazing opportunities to millions around the world I’m just lucky to have been involved in some of them, these organisations have offered me some of my best friends, most of my partners, and a chance to see parts of the world and cultures that otherwise would never have crossed my path.