30th March – how many?!?

So far today I’ve been awake about half an hour, that was long enough this morning to go”feel rubbish – take drugs, going back to sleep.”
Having just woken up had a quick shower, found it didn’t help and taken the next set of drugs…
It makes me wonder how many I would be taking if I wasn’t being classed as ok!
And these… These are the little ones that can be taken as a handful, the big ones are separate!!



28th March – A purpose…

I visited a Sea Scout Troop, and it was fascinating!
I’ve been in a mixture of guides and scouts since I was seven and doing knotting was pretty much universally hated and forgotten by most people.
However for them it was real each one had a purpose, and they needed to not only know how to tie they but where on the boat they were used and so they cared and were interested!


27th March – Giving up

I know I missed the start of lent… And I’d not manage that long anyway!
However at the point where I wanted to buy these, I decided I needed to stop buying things… (I was good and didn’t get them!)
I’d like to go a full week without spending anything… But I think I’ll run out of nice yogurt and need to buy some before too long!!


25th March – Reallocation.

I thought I had bought a nice Down jacket to help keep my back warm and help with being a bit more mobile…
Apparently this has been reallocated, and is now a snugly cat bed/bath.
I guess at least this means it’s pre-warmed!! (Though the look I get when I reclaim it, would imply I had stolen his first born, the irony is if it had been bought for him as a cat bed it would have been shunned.)