30th April – Counting your blessings…

I suppose if my options were the hound being good at home or being good out I’d favour the later.
She is mostly angelic when out, but sometimes the only thing to do is to let her fake it as a parrot!



26th April – The Last Day

It’s strange to think that a year ago I decided to write this and, with a couple of exceptions, there has been as photo and some words for each day.
What’s also bizarre is that on both today and yesterday there have been less than five visitors yet they’ve managed to read almost 150 posts between them!
For some reason my red theatre style curtains were my first thought for today’s picture, however those became togas for ClassCiv and then became property of the drama department for the end of year show later that day (I guess I should just be glad they never asked ClassCiv why they had 10 red velvet theatre curtains!) and so the final curtain is no longer here…
I’ve had a lovely day, and I guess this photo in its own way sums up the day – it is a birthday card from my parents, and yet strangely prophetic as without knowing about it Rachel took me for “Birthday Ice-cream” complete with candles and singing before heading home for dinner.
It’s been a strange year. A lot of things have happened that’d I’d never believed would have done. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but seems to be getting back on track and giving me some answers…
The question I keep asking myself over the last few days is “do I commit to another year, or do I go for something different?”