30th June – Smooth and streamlined

Visited the groomers, now about half the size…



28th July – What am I proud of?

I’ve been asked a few to many times why I go to pride, isn’t it just pushing my sexuality down other peoples throats, how can you be proud of your sexuality?!?

I go to Pride because I am genuinely proud of many things…
I believe you should be proud of things that you or other people have achieved. Ok I’m not proud of my sexuality, I don’t find it difficult to be attracted to girls!
However I am proud to live in a country where I don’t have to be ashamed of or hide my sexuality. I live in a country where I can marry a girl I love rather than be killed for it.
I’m proud that the government have realised that people’s sexuality doesn’t stop them being good parents and have enabled then to adopt.
I’m proud to belong to both The Scout Association and Girlguiding both of whom represent their members at different Pride events, rather than taking the stance the Boy Scouts of America has done in banning leaders and throwing them out.
I’m proud that my college can have an LGBT group, and that students and staff can attend and be supported by other people and the college rather than persecuted as has happened in the past.

So yes, I don’t have to be proud of my sexuality. But I’m so proud that I’m lucky enough to be able to live and do the things I want without having to be ashamed. I’m proud and appreciative of the society I live in for letting me take these things for granted.

I love the fact that through things like the Pride March we can show other countries we are proud to not have to be ashamed. That TSA can show BSA that they support their members and don’t kick them out. That we can give hope to people who’s society doesn’t let them be themselves by showing them not everyone thinks they have to be ashamed.

That’s why I go to Pride, because I am proud of my society for letting me be me.