27th June – Pride?

I wish LGBT Pride didn’t exist. 

I wish it didn’t exist because there was no need. 

Unfortunately it does exist, because there is still a need. 

I watched a girl kissing a boy in the street, and it felt odd. And that was bizarrely lovely. For just one day in our capital city homosexuality was the norm. It was strange yet amazing for the odd looks normally reserved for a girl kissing her girlfriend in our heteronormative world, just for once being given to a straight couple (or for all I know a bi couple!)

I wish we didn’t need LGBT pride, but until it’s viewed as normal we do. 

We need it so all those kids questioning their sexuality know it’s ok to let people know, it ok to be themselves. Until we don’t need to come out as LGBT, because you never need to come out as straight it’s just assumed, that’s how long we will need to have Pride. 



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