31st July – Food and stuff ¬†#WSJ2015 – Day 3

Today was a food and badges sort of a day.  More of the amazing melon shaved ice. Which in this heat is just the best thing in the world.  


Then dinner was proper Japanese… Served in a traditional box that they use for lunch boxes. Luckily for us there was an explanation on the top, as well as the very cute #Scout logo. 

Then after following the instructions, there were vegetables, I never thought I’d miss vegetables!

Then the evening working at the rainbow cafe, where I learnt I can understand and respond to Dutch! 



30th July – Exploring the site #WSJ2015 – Day 2

Today was the first day of day visitors, I investigated the market place, there was an interesting variety of food on display with fish on sticks, looking like some bizarre sort of lolly where the stick was pushed in thier mouths.  

The bright green melon iced shaved ice that was just as amazing as I remembered. Then cute little mooning treats, that looked like sweets, but then when you ate it you discovered it was fish with a cheese sauce centre!


From the market we went down to the Japanese pavilion, with stalls ranging from the Rugby World Cup, here next time, to painting your name.   

Then this evening was spent in the mud that is the rainbow cafe for its grand opening. 

29th July – Opening Ceremony #WSJ2015 Day 1

Today has mostly been spent setting up the cafe and badge swapping. 

Then dinner and I got a signature for my gf, just to prove to her it was true!

Dinner was odd, we were given placemats! We’ve never had placmats before and it seems perverse given the obsession here with recycling and no waste – they blatantly hide the bins so you throw nothing away. 

Then this evening we had the opening ceremony, starting with a traditional flag parade like at the start of the Olympics. Followed by singing and speeches. The photos were rubbish!

28th July – #WSJ2015 Day 0

People are starting to arrive, things are starting to come together. 

Participants are everywhere, their bright red and orange neckerchiefs making a change from our blue ones.   

 The Rainbow cafe has its flag, though as yet no tables or walls…  

The one female disabled shower has been finally located, hoops jumped through, and used!

So I am clean and happy, and might have been shopping…

27th July – #WSJ2015 Day -1

After the Tropical Storm had past in the night we woke up to the sandpit where we sleep waterlogged, some people had leaking tents but I just sank about 6 inches! 

 The Rainbow Cafeis not yet set up so there was no real work today. Instead I spent the day exploring, chatting and badge swapping. I met the only girl who came with the Boy Scouts of Kuwait, the Australian who designed the anniversary Ansac day badge and a whole host of other people with other stories. 

At lunch I was massively surprised to find a badge for the WSJ1995 which I attended in the Netherlands, it brought back great memories, and memories of Strawberry Jam. 

My favourite find of the day was a troop of Sea Rovers from Malaysia, with whom I swapped my UK hat for a blue Malaysian one, and they gave me a gift of a Sea Rover shirt from their Troop. 

By the evening I realised I’d done too much and was forced into an early night. 

26th July – On site #WSJ2015 Day -2

The day started after less sleep than was needed, and then we joined the breakfast queue…

And then IST training at 9 in the giant dome, we aimed for the first one so we had the rest of the day free do do such things as re put up the tent after it fell out of the sand pit that we are sleeping on. 

At the end of training I met a lovely man who turned out to be BP’s grandson… And he pushed me out of the dome and down to HR. 

I kind of pottered in the afternoon before meeting with friends for dinner. As I was wheeling out of dinner I was collected and pushed up to the dome, for the IST opening.  It’s all been a little surreal. And has steadily got more so all day! Most of the site is sleeping in the dome, I’m in a tent, with both doors open so the tropical storm won’t break the tent…


25th July – Hiroshima #WSJ2015

The day started early, really early, hotel check out, roll to the station and bullet train queued for and boarded all significantly before 8am. The bullet train took us to Hiroshima. 

The Hiroshima we found was a busy city. Yes there was the museum and the peace garden, but mostly it’s just normal. 

The initial arch is protecting the victims, who are listed in the book underneath it. Then the fire of hope for peace and at the back the building that took the force of the bomb. 

  The children’s statue has a girl at the top, she died of lukemia 10 years after having tried to make 1000 crane, but not quite getting there. 

We then got a coach to site and did tents in the dark.