27th July – #WSJ2015 Day -1

After the Tropical Storm had past in the night we woke up to the sandpit where we sleep waterlogged, some people had leaking tents but I just sank about 6 inches! 

 The Rainbow Cafeis not yet set up so there was no real work today. Instead I spent the day exploring, chatting and badge swapping. I met the only girl who came with the Boy Scouts of Kuwait, the Australian who designed the anniversary Ansac day badge and a whole host of other people with other stories. 

At lunch I was massively surprised to find a badge for the WSJ1995 which I attended in the Netherlands, it brought back great memories, and memories of Strawberry Jam. 

My favourite find of the day was a troop of Sea Rovers from Malaysia, with whom I swapped my UK hat for a blue Malaysian one, and they gave me a gift of a Sea Rover shirt from their Troop. 

By the evening I realised I’d done too much and was forced into an early night. 


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