2nd August- Culture Day and Friends #WSJ2015 – Day 5

There are days you realise who your friends are. People you recently met, but when things are horrible, friends are the people you find you instinctively run to. They are the ones who deal with you when you are so angry, frustrated and upset that your shaking, tears and can’t do sentences. So to those people thank you. 

And to the powers that be, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to listen and understand. I’m sorry if I didn’t say it at the time, but it makes a difference. 

On the upside… I have a very cute Polish cat. He has a knecker and was made by a Polish scout. He has Velcro paws and makes a perfect pillow, we have discussed it, and his name is 
 Shoulder isn’t happy following the earlier walk out so have been good and visited the hospital, have drugs and the offer of a sling! Not really sure what they are but… 

On the way back I met the beginning of the preparation for the Prince’s visit, police and paths you can’t use.  


After an initial start of speeches from the Crown Prince of Japan among others the singers turned up and the view changed for the worse… There started off with a sea of scouts from around the world and a group of Fins to one side, and then moved to singers and a pair of sandy Canadian arses in my face! 

The Japanese Spaceman did good! Asked people to shout out where they’re from… Was popular ☺️ and he kept it short.  

 Then a strangely military flag preformance with much marching, despite the upbeat music.  



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