5th August – #WSJ2015  – Day 8

Today started early, really early, we were aiming to catch the 6.45 bus…

As it happens this had a number of bizarre consequences, firstly I discovered that the banana is not a myth, it does exist and run out, and also come in a cute pack complete with moustached banana picture!

Secondly I discovered that the security isn’t so rigours in the morning, and people can happily wander on or off site through this well supervised exit… 

 Thirdly I discovered that the 6.45 bus, actually comes at 9. 

So we wandered along to try to find the view point, we spotted the park, empty for once.  

 As well as the random rest station, not used, but discovered at about the same time we realised the way to the view point was steps… Thus necessary change of plan.  


As such we pottered to the faith and belief zone, where I got one of their purple happis and made a badge with my name on in Punjabi and Japanese. 

For lunch we went to what is essentially a Japanese local market, here there was a very cute small boy dressed up in military uniform. This was part of a stand telling us about the humanitarian work of the Japanese army. 


As part of the activities, we made an elastic band gun, it’s 2 pairs of chopsticks and 6 elastic bands.     

There was also a no water garden made of rocks and sand designed as a peace garden. 

And the most enormous badge being swamped 


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