7th August – Closing Ceremony #WSJ2015 – Day 10

Lunch today is an odd idea. Not sure the eggs are layed by the crane on the side either!

 Today is take down day. It’s an odd sort of a day. People are everywhere busy and friendly, but the site is slowly disappearing. And by the end of tonight it will be gone. A site with a population 3 times the size of the nearby town will go back to being parkland and sports centre. Today is the last day that the flags of almost the whole world are there to welcome representatives and unit them under the Scout Flag.   

 Another trip to the hospital and getting to watch toe surgery in a tent on a camp bed, this was then followed by another injection into my shoulder joint.  


After an afternoon at the rainbow cafe we headed down to the closing ceremony.  


After a lovely chat with some Fins the ceremony began, and it was quite as odd as before. We started with a handover from a jamboree in 2013 and then the marching flag people returned.   

  We were taught a traditional Japanese way to celebrate a samboji may. Which is a way of clapping (yo then 3 sets of 3 then 1 repeated 3 times.)  

Then came the speakers: the minister for education arts and science; the envoy of the UN Secretary General with responsibility for youth bringing a message from the Secretary General and doing a selfie.

  And then the preformences: a group called c-ute, a partof the Hello!Project a singing dancing girl band dressed in a kind of schoolgirl/cheerleader/maid outfits with a backdrop of cartoon hearts tweeness and a lot of flashing light in pretty colours; the camp sumerized in a slide show (that included me in jamboree shorts!!); the flags were collected and to end the secretory general of WOSM spoke; the flags lowered; the WOSM flag was handed on ready for the North America to host the next World Scout Jamboree, jamboree song was sung and then as we waited for the last preformence the scouts of the world revered to campfire songs and chants to fill the void.  Marty Friedman eventually appeared and as he did his thing the participants flooded out, rock guitar music is a very odd choice- as is someone who shouts “are you ready to f***ing Rock with me?” And sings wearing a Scout uniform and tells you to “make some F***ing noise” all credit the Scout for chanting him off – even if he didn’t listen!

Then there were fireworks… And they were good.   


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