10th August – Things that make you happy – Beijing #WSJ2015 – Day +1

It’s the little things; a mattress and pillow; a shower where you stay unsandy; a place to sleep that isn’t a sauna by morning. I love camping and the jamboree was great, but good hotel is amazing the night after camp!

We visited a budist temple know as the Lama temple. At the lama temple there was the biggest Buddha in the world at 27m high, made from a single tree. As we went around on of the buildings a very strange man waited till I was level with him then punched me in the right boob and ran off!   

 The Confusious temple was interesting, the concept of worship of a philosophy and sacrifice to a real person and commemoration of those who passed the highest exams is very different to the religious temples. The statues of Confusious are legion.  

 From here we headed to a park with a “mountain” (60m high) from which you could see the city. I was sensible so didn’t climb the mountain, I also learnt the hospital was right when it said the drugs they injected would last 3 days! There were groups playing ‘catch’ with a shuttlecock by kicking it up.  

 We then headed off to the silk factory. The little cocoons have 1300 m of silk strand in each one, but they are unrolled in groups of 8 so they don’t snap, they kind of bobble in the water as they are unwound.  

 Dinner was Peking Duck, traditionally these are force fed in a similar way to fois gras and only live to 30 days, but are really soft and yummy. We had a massive dinner, no idea what most of it was, but even the tofu was ok and the rest was lovely. 

We then pottered in the market, looking at dead and in the case of the scorpions live and wiggly things on sticks.  



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