11th August – stuff and tourism – Beijing #WSJ2015 – Day +2

We started the day at Tian’an men Square. There was much talk about the size, gates, museum and the national theatre but nothing about what we know it for. We were show Chairman Mao’s monument and the monument to the fallen Heroes dates and anniversarys of everything except the deaths, I’m curious as to wether it’s a shame thing or they just don’t know and it’s been edited out of their history.  

Then we went to the national museum. And it was much like any museum anywhere in the world. Then on to the forbidden city, which is initially really impressive, but becomes a lot of yellow roofs and steps. Key things we learnt were male lions have balls and female ones have babies, and that’s the only way to know! 


The tall cup is the smelling cup the short fat one is the tasting cup. You have to make a tea mushroom to improve the flavour. Oolong tea is best for digestion and only used to be for the emperor. Then jasmine green tea, which properly smells like flowers and is used as a welcome tea. It’s used for cleaning the liver and eyes. The third tea was pure it’s a fermented tea, looks like chocolate and reduced fat in the body. It smells like popcorn and tastes like lawn mowings. The 4th one was lychee black tea with Rose flowers it was really sweet with no sugar in it. The last one was dried fruit with rose and hibiscus with no actual tea.  

From here we went to a ‘local’ house where they had pretty birds and lots of stools, and then on to a rickshaw.  

After dumping dinner we went to the Kung fu show.  



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