7th January – Realisation – GCSE results 

GCSE results are in…

There is something amazing about having students walk into your classroom, ones who have been telling you they won’t get a C because they never get C’s because they are rubbish at maths. Telling you since September right the way up till Tuesday…

When they walk in having just got their results, having got the C, still not believing it. When you ask them what they want to do, carry on for the B or A or drop it and focus on their other subjects. That smile as they re-realise they passed. When they say that they want to drop it, then still walk over to their normal chair and sit down, look at you quizzically. When you ask them why they sat down they look at you funny – and the grin as they realise they can go, that the next time, if ever, they set foot in a maths class it will be by choice. That grin, the look of elation as they register their achievement – one they never quite believed they’d get. 

The comment from one student that he’d never seen me smile like that, the realisation that as their teacher I’m really proud of them, really happy for them and that the reason I gave them a hard time was so they’d get that grade. 

It’s lovely to see them, normally they pass and disappear or fail and stay. Actually seeing them as they are realising, and re realising they passed is awesome that over excited little kid smile on a stroppy teenagers face is priceless and makes it all worthwhile. 

And today they just kept coming… 9 in a class of 21! 8 kids with a D in Maths from school who have just massively improved their life chances, their future and their quality of life. 



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