30th March – No to Maths

So I tried to do some maths, Fidget basically said no. She thinks she is more important than hard maths. 




27th March – Easter…

A day of Easter presents,procreation and bubbles. 

In the traditional way of my family there is a token gesture towards chocolate and a book as Easter presents. 


Then it was off round the paddock with the hound, stopping off to check up on the 30 odd toads we’d relocated last night. The seem happy in the pond and were busy getting to know each other, and meet the newts. 


The frogs had already done their thing, so the front pond was already full of the gloopy spawn. 


Lunch was had with nana and then the rain came…

It was kind of cool as there were rainbows coming out of the back of all the cars in the spray, and double rainbows in the sky. Not that they came out in the pictures. 

Then in the evening more chocolate, in the form of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – though my favourite part was the bubbles!


26th March – Pre Easter

Still having Easter joy. 

Walked the hound, started being productive, and doing washing. Then went down to Portsmouth to see my best friend and as the smallest girl snuggled up on my lap, my little girl snuggled up on hers. 

And then there was a trip to the parents because Easter is apparently family time. 


Easter is not the time for bunnies and eggs. It is the time for toads, hundreds of them, trying to get themselves squished under your feet.