17th March – What if…

What if my college is breaking me? What if the only way to get better is to get out, when I thought I needed to get better before I could get out…

When I joined I was an outstanding teacher in a happy department. Now neither is true. 

I had a flashback to how it was in our meeting tonight, feelings that were reflected by others. 

I went on to TMSoton, it was great. I remember back to that first one, the manic day of filling goodie bags and things coming together. A stressful day, but a great culmination of effort. 

TMSoton reminded me of the teacher I want to be, the one I used to be. How can you go from being an innovator to a Luddite? I want to get that back. 

There are plans I hope I can put in place. 

Things that might make a real change, be a real challenge, make a real difference – to me and my students. 



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