18th April – Who are you writing for…?

It’s odd, there are some things you write to be read, and others you don’t. 

This I write for me as a way to download and sort. It’s not for anyone else, and it’s kind of weird to think of other people reading it. 

Having just started up a You Tube channel, that is very much there to be read. It was set up in response to some of my students struggling with understanding the mark scheme, and struggling even more with Moodle. You Tube is something they know and can work, and now can use for worked through exam papers, help with the mark scheme etc. Though 36 views on a C2 paper in a day seems excessive – and requests for other specific papers from students I’ve never met feels weird. 

My own students have requested more C2 papers, so at least have looked and found it useful. 



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