31st May – 

It was wet and misty and grim in the North!

The waves were big, the spray was high and the rain fell, and the village was cliffy and steep. 

And then there were Explorers and I coped better than expected, both with brown shirts and news. 


28th May – DofE North

DofE in the south is characterised by pigs roaming free in autumn and foals in the spring -well at least in the New Forest. 

This was my first North DofE. They had cows, cows are not so cute. 

But somethings stayed the same. It was a Bronze Practice and so it had the standard forgotten: waterproofs; snacks; emergency rations; personal first aid kit; and one who had forgotten that he needed space in his bag for group kit so only brought a 35l bag! (Rest of group were very good about carrying it all..) 

As well as the collection of unnecessary things that were brought and interestingly packed rucksacks. 

I guess I’ve kind of missed it. 

26th May – 

I don’t think that you’ll ever know the hurt you cause. 

I don’t think you’re even aware how close it comes to being all too much. 

Maybe the only option is to run away, or build the wall. The wall seems the safest option, always rebuilding and just when it’s nearly done, then someone helps you break through and the cycle restarts.