7th June – Positive affirmation

It was one of those days… when you remember that there are good kind selfless people out there. 

As the students came in to college there were messages there to great them, lovely positive messages. And the students reaction were varied to say the least. In my second lesson of the day one of my students had been collecting them, as he put it “like Pokemon” and watching him leave the classroom another student spotted one read it out and got the response back “I’ve already got that one!”

Other students identified that they didn’t need them as they “had an ego the size of a planet,” or “don’t do positive.” But the main reaction was positive, and seemed to have an on going ripple effect through the day people were just nice today. 

I’ve never believed in positive affirmation, and I probably wouldn’t have chosen comments based on looks. However they seemed to work, and I was almost upset when mine disappeared during the lesson I didn’t teach I in my classroom – I’d apparently got fond of them!


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