11th June – Nature or nurture?

It is not helpful when you have neighbors who threaten you with the police and call out the fire brigade. Are people born abusers or do they grow into it? But it is extra frustrating that you do what they say, that you acquiesce and it doesn’t make a difference. 

Firstly it is not helpful for the fire brigade who get called out because you are safely burning ivy in a fire pit at 8pm with a bucket of water at the side and its out by the time they get there anyway – I worry how much tax payers money he wasted by doing that…

Secondly threatening to call the police out if you’ve not put it out in two minutes and videoing you in your garden while they are shouting at you… I swear videoing someone in their own garden, or threatening them has got to be something the police would be more interested in than burning ivy in a fire pit when it’s evening and no one has washing out. 

But hey, it’s what you learn to live with when your neighbors get their kicks out of harassing you… Sadly it mostly means you don’t go in the garden as its not worth the abuse, and anyway you’d have to listen to their choices as their back door will be open and their TV or Radio will be on loud- because that’s their choice come  day time in the summer. 


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