14th June – People…

My babysitter went north. I found a new one… 

Story read, hugs hugged and tummy fed with food for health.

I have some of the best people in the world in my life. From the 3 year old who hugs and wants stories, the “nearly nine” year old who needs attention and affection to sooth the black eye in a way an ice pack can’t quite manage, the too old and too cool nearly teenager who shares the excitement of Lego and the response to his science homework – because it’s ok to tell a friend you’re proud of what you did, but not cool to let your parents know, to the actual adults who do adulting doing healthy food, company and being there. 

I appreciate them, I should tell them more, I’m lucky to have them, I don’t want to loose them or let them down. 

Thank you, you make being here better. 


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