15th June – That god almighty crash 

That’s what they heard, they ran out to check I was ok. I had face planted, one swollen knee, sore nose and bent chair later…

By the time another member of staff wandered past they had hit hysterical giggles and were back to the guaranteed grades if their invidulator dies discussion. There is something strangely comforting about that reaction, a level of calm that would have been unimaginable at the beginning of these exams. I am so proud of them, regardless of the grades, because a few weeks ago the idea of turning up and even sitting in an exam hall was too hard, and yet they have. They have turned up, sat, written and done their best – not just for one exam but all of them. I am proud of them, very proud of them. They have tried, they have overcome and they should be proud of themselves. Realistically they won’t be, they will be able to tell you everything they could have done better, every tiny mistake. They won’t see the huge achievements, because they will measure themselves by other people’s standards and ignore the barriers they have overcome. 

I’m proud of them, they should be too. 


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