27th July – Best Friends 

So it began with icecream and introducing the North to the best friend. They bonded over tea and American TV. The North then got introduced to odd shopping☺️ 

So, the smallest small had fire and marshmallows and smallest Jones got to be big brother and show her how it’s done. 

And then we did impromptu babysitting while the middlest small discovered why you want a teacher as your Mum when some kid thinks it’s a good idea to be mean to you. 

23rd July – DofE (again)

Sometimes it feels like DofE is slowly taking over my life…

On the plus side it’s a lovely day, a bronze assessment and there are birds to chase (though they cheat by flying and swimming) so the pup is having a great day. 

But there are still the classic DofE scenery  photos. 

And the fields of poppies are out and beautiful. All things you’d miss out on if it wasn’t for DofE taking over your life. 

There was the classic DofE rucksack and tractor squish. 

And the prize for the most inappropriate sign is… (Not warning sunburn?!?)