27th September – Literacy in maths…

It’s that moment when you start talking about word derivation. Normally it’s the think of other words that start with… Figuring out that the bi in bisect is the same bi as in bicycle or bisexual, that an octopus had eight legs, octagon eight sides and the explanation as to why October isn’t the eighth month. 

But I have never had a class sit in stunned silence, with one muttering “mind blown, mind actually totally blown” before. We were looking at internal angles in shapes I asked what a diagonal was and was met by bemused looks. I then asked what diagonally ment, same blank looks. 

A fairly standard explanation of a diagonal followed, and an off hand comment of hadn’t they heard of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, a pathway from muggle London to the other side. One side to the other. Stunned faces they’d never noticed. 

It was awesome. And at the end of the lesson I found this… Normally I hate them doodling on mini whiteboards, but this made me smile. 


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