12th November – Thank you SouthWest Trains

When you get a really early train because of anxiety of being late. And your train goes from Southampton to Woking and then goes no further. 

You ask the SouthWest Trains man how to get to Richmond, and he replies via Clapham – this would be a good answer normally. But is followed up with but you can’t get there, no trains are running and we don’t know when they might start. 

So thank you, thank you for two tickets costing £35.20 which have led to packed trains which terminate at stations they weren’t supposed to stop at, packed stations, and the very successful turning of a ticket to an international at Twickenham into a pointless peice of card – a very expensive bit of card. And while the bored screaming children are something to watch I’d rather watch men in shorts run around. 

They sent us back to Basingstoke, and then once there the station staff directed us to a train with they guaranteed would go to Clapham. Then as we progressed the train said no Clapham, but each station we passed said Clapham. 

And then we got to Woking, and stopped though it wasn’t scheduled to. And it terminated. Again. 

The station staff said they didn’t know, might be hours. 

Taxi from Woking to Twickenham became the only option, expensive, but after £35.20 for a train and a day and a Ticket. Better an expensive taxi than no match a day on trains and throwing away a hundred quid. 

I actually hate the incompetence of SouthWest Trains. 

The journey back was way less stressful with only a “break the glass and pull the handle to stop the train” that was over my head as a drunk man put his hand through it, I picked the bits out of my hair once I got home. 


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