6th June – Knowing stuff, building stuff and burning stuff

Achievement of the day completion of the Lego project… Mostly after mugging the dog for the bits that the cat catapulted across the room! 

Bizarre email of the day… An Explorer requested being allowed to come to Rangers tonight so they can join the Rangers A’Level Maths Revision session – because my Rangers know that being clever and successful is just as important as setting fire to stuff!

The non A’Level Rangers did fire lighting with increasingly odd fire starters. 


12th May – WTM

The students appreciated it. I love the fact that they’ll actually make the effort to come and find you to say thank you. I also like it that they can see that speaker and scribe work closely enough to know how each other think and can see the relationship and friendship. 

I’m not sure we will be able to respond to the requests for all the other modules…

This maybe another task for anxiety maths club!