10th August – Scout Camp Day 6

It’s a beautiful day, so different from the rain of the last few days. 

A perfect mill pond, useless for sailing. 

Beautiful but eventful, you can tell it’s the end of camp because people are starting to kick off. 

An evening introduction to a game has also given me an understanding as to why my friend would get stressed and not be able to play, and everyone else wouldn’t understand – it’s a colour blind thing. 

9th August – Scout Camp Day 5

There is Karma, and then there is the day after white water. 

All the drugs all the pain and all the sleep. 

I hate the feeling of uselessness, of helplessness and unhelpfulness. The feeling that your being judged for not pulling your weight even though the most you can do is be still. Even if you know that they may not be judging you, it maybe in your head. 

Luckily the explorers have a night hike. Cause after a stationery day an early night feels like the only option. 

18th September – Brownsea 

She’d never been to Brownsea, we needed a lovely day to see it at its best. 

She met him…

And I saw a real life red squirrel…

People say they don’t vote because one person doesn’t make a difference. 

If that one person hadn’t done what he did… He made a difference to millions of girls and boys all around the world, most of whom he never met. 

It just had to be done☺️