10th May – ✔️


C1 June 2015 ✔️
Level 1 FSMQ

Using Data (Data Sheet) 2016 ✔️
It’s nice when the unanimous feedback is that the videos are helping. 

It’s nice to be able to stick a qr code on a paper and allow students to access the worked example but not have the temptation to see the next by accident. 

It’s nice to know that the nights you leave work at 9 or weekends you give up, the results are used, shared and appreciated not just by students in my class, or in my college but actually genuinely around the world!

25th April – Powered by…

It used to be a standing joke that I was a) solar powered or/and b) powered by pig, due to a higher than normal proportion of my diet being bacon, sausages or cracking. 

But today there are two sets of data sheet questions, a video of the data Analysis  pleminary material http://youtu.be/cHTfr7td-ls and photocopying all before 8.30! 

I don’t do mornings. 

To day I shall be powered by green juice and fruit bread.