10th January – What if…

I saw my students for the last time before they will get there results. 

I hope they did their best. 

I hope they were successful. 

I’m scared that because I was stressed I wasn’t at my best. I’m scared I let them down. I know I did my best, but is my best good enough? I know I set ridiculous standards for me, but…

I hope they did ok. I hope they were the best that they could be, I want so much to be able to share their joy and be super proud of them. 

6th June – Knowing stuff, building stuff and burning stuff

Achievement of the day completion of the Lego project… Mostly after mugging the dog for the bits that the cat catapulted across the room! 

Bizarre email of the day… An Explorer requested being allowed to come to Rangers tonight so they can join the Rangers A’Level Maths Revision session – because my Rangers know that being clever and successful is just as important as setting fire to stuff!

The non A’Level Rangers did fire lighting with increasingly odd fire starters. 

18th May – Perspective 

This morning was spent invidulating. It was an odd version, reading the exam instructions like reading a story to a child, a student in a blanket and one in PJ’s. Anything to try to keep them calm and together. Even if it is to minimise the stress by doing daft things including Lego dragon building – did debate if  invidulating in PJ’s would help…

I’m so proud of them. A’level maths exams can be accessed. 

Then there is the flip side, trying to be considerate and saying that I’m equally happy with either option – to be informed I’m being sarcastic. Trying to be kind, as I’m concerned and want to help, but just get shot down. Mostly just makes me wonder why I bother, why do I care. Mostly just want to bail. May just hide in maths and Lego, you know where you are with that.