23rd November – Shelf Day

There are two types of shelves on two different walls. And some organisation.

And dinner with 5 different vegetables. It’s weirdly nice cooking thank you dinner. It’s been a while since I’ve had someone to cook for and wanted to.


17th November – “we are only as strong as we are united”

The hardest part wasn’t, but it went downhill from there.

But whatever happens there are still some amazing people who will: fight for you (though never tell you themselves;) support you and cope when you can’t; miss you when you’re not there and ask anyone to try to check you’re ok (even when they know they can’t get an answer.)

14th November – Helping

The Middle is definitely not as far as the North. And Upper South isn’t even as far as the Middle. The front doorbell is random.

But it’s a doable distance, even when breaks are needed.

Sometimes the looking after is the clingy pup as she knows when your not ok, sometimes it’s making hot water bottles and tea.

13th November – Paddington, a misunderstood bear with a good heart

Today I did leaving the house. We watched Paddington- I feel I cried an appropriate amount at the film (though wasn’t convinced that’d be the case from the trailer.)

I like Paddington, a lot, he reminds me of Nana as she’s always had one in her living room. I feel they have a lot in common though I’m not sure she’d be so convinced.

Freya came to see us in the evening, I think it meant more than she’d realised.