10th August – Scout Camp Day 6

It’s a beautiful day, so different from the rain of the last few days. 

A perfect mill pond, useless for sailing. 

Beautiful but eventful, you can tell it’s the end of camp because people are starting to kick off. 

An evening introduction to a game has also given me an understanding as to why my friend would get stressed and not be able to play, and everyone else wouldn’t understand – it’s a colour blind thing. 

8th February – What’s more important my spellings or nuclear war?

As a dyslexic who is renowned for appalling spelling it’s a weird reality when you find yourself doing spellings with the secret genius. 
There is something joyful when he comments that “it’s easy. I can just swap the endings.”
And of course his spellings are more important. With nuclear war I’ll be dead so nothing matters then.