15th April – Sent by God

I went to visit Nana, only because it was Dad’s birthday tomorrow. 

Took one look at Nana’s foot and headed to hospital. Turns out she’d broken it 4 days ago, in 3 places and been walking on it ever since. 

She’s now in a boot cast. When she phoned her friend to tell her she couldn’t walk over on Tuesday and what happened the friend told Nana I was sent by God – I’m not convinced!

4th March – The best hen do with the best friend 

So we wandered through the great hall…

Saw the Yule ball. 

The jewellery Luna made for herself. 

The boys dormitory, which fitted at 10 but not in 6th form. 

A real live wand maker. 

The clock with a hand for everyone (but the twins who share.)

Umbridge’s office…

And some beautiful owls by Dumbeldore’s. 

The name you can catch from the triwizard cup. 

The grumpy little mandrake…

A stunning train, with smoke. 

Private Drive. 

and hogwarts itself.