23rd November – Shelf Day

There are two types of shelves on two different walls. And some organisation.

And dinner with 5 different vegetables. It’s weirdly nice cooking thank you dinner. It’s been a while since I’ve had someone to cook for and wanted to.


10th November – Waste or economy?

Let me set the scene, there was a Fruit Platter. Half of this was apparently 2 of your 5 a day. The whole thing should cost £2.50 and was due to run out today. 

So the question is… Is it wasteful to buy it with no intention of eating the grapes? It is definitely less wasteful than it all going in the bin while, more wasteful that eating everything. 

And does it make a difference if you only paid 25% of the original cost? And definitely ate at least 80%. 

5th November – Tradition 

We do celebrate some odd things. 

So we went to this massive fire and burnt pretend people. Then made pretty colours in the sky to celebrate someone not killing the people we choose to look after us… 

But first all the children and adults walked in a big crowd carrying flaming torches. 

I brought the puppy and people muttered that I was cruel and evil. Then she alternately watched the pretty lights and went to sleep. I’m never sure how to react, be glad they care about her welfare or wish the wouldn’t judge till they know her. 

Then there was Sprinkles.