23rd November – Shelf Day

There are two types of shelves on two different walls. And some organisation.

And dinner with 5 different vegetables. It’s weirdly nice cooking thank you dinner. It’s been a while since I’ve had someone to cook for and wanted to.


21st October – Every one has the power to make your life better. Some people by coming into your life, others by leaving. 

When your neck is tight enough that you can’t look right. 

When you realise that with current stress levels you’ve not eaten properly in weeks, but the escalation makes it more obvious. 

When you can’t sleep at night because your brain won’t turn off. 

When your friend sedates you with Strictly and Thor and gives you Kale and stealth vegetables to try and boost the immune system. 

That’s when you realise the true power of people. It’s just that some cause the problem and others try to solve it. 

17th October – Impact 

I am not my best me. I am distracted and making mistakes all over the place. Lesson 1 today was about as bad as I’ve been all year. 

Struggling with stress, struggling to sleep, struggling to focus, struggling to explain, struggling with niggles, but it’s half term next week. And hopefully things will be better when we come back. They have to be better. 

I have some of the best friends, with patience and care and distraction. They make the world a better place. A place you can cope with being part of. I’m just sorry that I’m not managing to return the favour. 

10th October – I hate October

I have some of the best friends in the world. 

When I turn up at their house they can do just the right level of looking after. Enough distraction so you don’t have to think. Time to talk but not to dwell. And yummy dinner. 

Thank you, you are amazing. 

Bake off and sewing was apparently what was needed to remain a coherent human being. 

I have a finished dress with pleats and everything. 

I hate October.