26th August – Scout Pride 

I went to Manchester pride as a scout. And one of the things that made it 100x better than London was the lack of bigotry. 

Normally if you have a largish group of Scouts and Guides then there is prejudice, you get the snide comments: Craft, Cooking… but this was different. And it was lovely. They mixed, chatted, danced and the two organisations were accepting. Chatting to Guides many owned up to being Scouts as well, Scouts were inclusive which is sadly unusual. 

And then there was Pride. And we marched, and the world was inclusive. 

And we went out, and people were lovely. Fidget was loved, and people were generous with compliments. It’s weird the mental response to being told you are beautiful! And when the phone was lost it was handed in. And we danced, and all was good. 


18th September – Brownsea 

She’d never been to Brownsea, we needed a lovely day to see it at its best. 

She met him…

And I saw a real life red squirrel…

People say they don’t vote because one person doesn’t make a difference. 

If that one person hadn’t done what he did… He made a difference to millions of girls and boys all around the world, most of whom he never met. 

It just had to be done☺️