25th January – Team

Sometimes teams are a group of people who all do things independently, or have tiny sub-teams that collaborate. 

“Go team” became a bit of a standing joke after, regardless of who did the work – even if it was just 1 or 2 people the whole team was praised. To be honest it was massively unmotivating, knowing no matter how much you had done, someone who had coasted and contributed nothing, was just as much a part of the team and only the team could achieve there was no recognition for individual effort or lack there of. 

Tonight in a different settings my rangers looked, as part of the “Mission Spectacular” at team work. Looking at roles within a team, working together and effective leadership. (Take the lead.)

What was lovely was that there was recognition for contribution. Appreciation for the Ranger who had organised and resourced it. Understanding that sometimes you need someone to take the lead, and others to follow instructions. Understanding that following instructions accurately is just as important a role giving out the instructions clearly and figuring out how to do something. 

I may be the leader on paper, but tonight Amy ran the meeting. And although the actual activities were (in theory) simple, they showed really clearly how a great team can work together under clear leadership and achieve. 

All be it the main “tangible” achievement was building a pyramid of plastic cups without touching then!

But that’s also the first section on our mission completed.