18th September – Brownsea 

She’d never been to Brownsea, we needed a lovely day to see it at its best. 

She met him…

And I saw a real life red squirrel…

People say they don’t vote because one person doesn’t make a difference. 

If that one person hadn’t done what he did… He made a difference to millions of girls and boys all around the world, most of whom he never met. 

It just had to be done☺️ 

1st August – Sunrise Day

It will always be Sunrise Day, the Anniversary  of the First Scout camp on Brownsea. 

A day spent on Brownsea, in Mexico, Japan, Holland, Canada, Switzerland and this year at BrumJam. I have so many reasons to be thankful to BP, and those are just the reasons from Sunrise Day. 

This Sunrise Day it has mostly rained but these are the best days of our lives. 


25th June – Pride

I’m proud that GirlGuidingUK members were allowed to march for the first time in London Pride (and greatful that they were the group behind the Scouts as it ment I had a place to hide when it was too much. )

I’m proud that the guides were so welcoming of someone there as a scout – thank you. 

I’m proud that my Scout group (who are often told by district that we don’t engage) provided 25% of the volunteer planning team and over 20% of the youth members – and the Explorers behaved beautifully. 

I’m greatful that even when you are doing your best to not be upset people still do thier best to look after you and check you are ok. Sometime I’m going to learn to put my own emotional needs before those of my dog. There are some lovely members of scouting out there, and sometimes they find you. 

I’m proud that I lasted (self propelled) the whole length of the Parade route. 

I’m proud that Scouting at a high level values and chooses to celebrate its LGBT members. Thank you to Tim (Dept UK Commissioner), Jags (Dept Youth Commissioner), Kester, Jack and all the others from HQ who joined us, spoke at our morning meeting and were with us. It’s important for the local level bigots to see that their beliefs are not shared by the people they look up to. 

I’m proud of how good the badges looked, and can’t wait to see one on a blue scout uniform and a random scout event!

It was a long hard day, but it was worth it. 

Unfortunately as the Pride ended so did the things you could be proud of…

From the out of order lifts that send you miles out of your way. Yes, no steps, but steep hill and Waterloo bridge instead. Footbridge wasn’t closed if you could do steps…

Too the oh so helpful man at London Waterloo who informed me that company policy says it’s not safe to put the ramp on the train so a wheelchair can board when there are only (more than) five minutes till the train will leave. SouthWest Trains if this is true could you please make sure you stop for more than five minutes at each station along the route, or retrain your staff! Having to climb on to a train and drag a wheelchair on too is hard when the platform is low, the dog tired and you’ve already gone miles. Though once on the train it was nice to find out it wasn’t me, the dog or the #scoutpride tshirt that made him so unhelpful- he’d been that way to the other wheelchair user too. 

The guard on the train however was lovely and let us both off using the ramp!

All in all an emotional and tiring day. And one in which I suffered from having to do too much.