23rd February – KISC day 5

The second drive to Geneva… there were,as ever, snow and mountains. 

There are certain issues that can be overcome with a passenger. The most irritating of these are car park ticket machines #righthanddriveproblems you get out and walk round and get stared at by the grumpy drivers behind you. 

I’m not sure what I expected to find other than water, but I went to Evian and found water! 

After picking up from the airport and driving back were were beaten by cheese. 


21st February – KISC day 3 – Exploring

An early morning drive to Geneva. A visit to the place of nations (many flags) and then to the Lake Geneva for the giant water spout (very impressive, but can’t see the point!) Mout Blanc (tall and snowy.) 

Then on to Montreaux, another lake that would be beautiful if not for the mist. 

And a statue of Freddy Mercury and some beautiful gardens. 

So on a day with a visit to France, Italy as well as Switzerland I ended up on the wrong side of the mountain and had to get the train back. 

19th February – KISC day 1 – Dog sledging and Thun

So we accidentally had a lazy morning watching the dog sledge racing as it went past our window!

Then we went exploring Thun with Delshard one of the Pinkies we knew from the Japan Jamboree.


Then at dinner, quite by chance, we met the people who were actually responsible for starting my love affair with these mountains.