24th July – Wet DofE 

Well… There may have been rain, but at least there were alpacas. It’s not everyday that your footpath leads to alpacas. 

There was much rain and some woods. Because that is much more like DofE!

But due to the excitement of food there was also best evidence of good behaviour☺️


23rd July – DofE (again)

Sometimes it feels like DofE is slowly taking over my life…

On the plus side it’s a lovely day, a bronze assessment and there are birds to chase (though they cheat by flying and swimming) so the pup is having a great day. 

But there are still the classic DofE scenery  photos. 

And the fields of poppies are out and beautiful. All things you’d miss out on if it wasn’t for DofE taking over your life. 

There was the classic DofE rucksack and tractor squish. 

And the prize for the most inappropriate sign is… (Not warning sunburn?!?)

20th July – Not so perfect DofE

There was the variation of the sign about a bull.

It started off all picturesque…

And we sat, and sat, and sat…

And the bugs came and bothered. And the dog did not dig (much with great joy!)

A pause in a tea shop, with tea made for all regardless of number of legs!

Then more sitting and waiting…

And waited. 

10th July – Remedial DofE

DofE happened, or at least the group set off, walked, used their phones (same as last time), got lost (again), walked, ran out of water (again,) couldn’t navigate (again,) listened to music (then lied to us about it.)

This was their second attempt at their practice, it’s like they don’t believe that they won’t be able to do the assessment until they’ve demonstrated they are competent. 

 And mostly we waited. We waited in a lay-by, by a bog, in a wood, in a feild. Fidget had fun and ran and bounced, me – not so much. 


At least their next practice will be when I’m not here. I’m not sure I can deal with this level of self belief with no skills to back it up.