18th September – Brownsea 

She’d never been to Brownsea, we needed a lovely day to see it at its best. 

She met him…

And I saw a real life red squirrel…

People say they don’t vote because one person doesn’t make a difference. 

If that one person hadn’t done what he did… He made a difference to millions of girls and boys all around the world, most of whom he never met. 

It just had to be done☺️ 


16th July – Not a Pokemon!

01 Cheekybum

Type: Bug

Strange creature often found in cars hitching a lift. 

02 Houndinium

Type: Beast

When lost this Beast type creature runs around in circles looking for its mum. 

03 Shroom

Type: Funguy

Mostly hides in grass waiting to evolve. 

04 Belly

Type: Beast

Mostly wiggles on its back to lull others into a false sense of security. Can be found in molehills or mess. 

05 Antimole

Type: Beast

This is best known for its habit of inverting molehills. 

06 SquatHog

Type: Spikey 

Found in the front of tents, a small Spikey creature. 

2nd June – Because the only thing more exciting than a particle accelerator is a bunny 

So we went to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the European Space Agency. The levels of security are actually amazing. 

Its the little things you notice, like satellite tracking doesn’t work, and your satnav tell you that you don’t exist; or the million and one security vans, barriers and cameras; and the fact that we all know about CERN, but we have the same here too. 

Fidget behaved beautifully. And then she found bunnies, and bunnies are the most exciting thing in the world ever, including trying to wedge yourself down a rabbit hole. 

And then if you go off exploring, because high level distraction is needed. There are mushrooms too, they don’t have such high security!