17th August – #teamharmony

In the morning I learnt to rig and sail a cat. It’s one of those things you just ought to have done. And it was a beautiful day for it. 

And then in the evening in memory of #teamharmony Fidget and I knocked out a level six gym led by a 2000 and something snorlax and left it for someone else like this… 

18th June – Hamble River Games 

I am greatful for my scout group, thanks to them I was up and at the marina by half eight and busy and useful all day. 

In a week where standing has been hard, and company has been needed, they have been an absolute lifesaver this weekend. They don’t know it, they don’t need to, but I’m so grateful I belong to the best group I could hope for. 

Yes they play but they work damn hard too, either competing or timing or crewing. I’m greatful I had to be somewhere today, something to be part of.