19th February – KISC day 1 – Dog sledging and Thun

So we accidentally had a lazy morning watching the dog sledge racing as it went past our window!

Then we went exploring Thun with Delshard one of the Pinkies we knew from the Japan Jamboree.


Then at dinner, quite by chance, we met the people who were actually responsible for starting my love affair with these mountains. 

17th December – Scout Christmas 

I love Scout Christmas. 

I especially love that who I take as my +1 is a non issue. Not just “not a problem” but a complete non issue. 

When I first joined the group a lot of people in the district were surprised as it’s seen as an un welcoming group that doesn’t play well with others. But it’s not, it’s an amazing group, competitive yes but completely inclusive. 

Thank you for another evening as part of a fabulously eccentric family. 

18th September – Brownsea 

She’d never been to Brownsea, we needed a lovely day to see it at its best. 

She met him…

And I saw a real life red squirrel…

People say they don’t vote because one person doesn’t make a difference. 

If that one person hadn’t done what he did… He made a difference to millions of girls and boys all around the world, most of whom he never met. 

It just had to be done☺️