5th April (Show week – day 1 – opening night) – Goodness 

Today has been a mix of a day. I’ve done major wobbles, body rather than brain. My spotlight was wobbly too, the hand shake and loss of concentration was unhelpful. 

But, the doughnuts I left on my car in the car park were returned to me in the theatre someone picked them up and handed them in and the whole untaxed bag was returned. Thank you. 

And one of the kids cast is exceptional, she sings not only loudly but beautifully, and can dance too. She’s an asset to the cast and a pleasure to listen to. 



4th April (Show week: day -1) – Good Surprises

The show is looking better than normal: costumes are mostly good; the cast mostly know their lines; most mikes are working without feedback and most of the lights are plotted. 

Things are looking up. 

Maths – the time I wasn’t doing show stuff was mostly spent finding a way to explain my thought process in response to an email request for help. 

I had joy in identifying the building blocks of a question (red brick) and using a Lego sword to point at things – entertainment for me which will be missed entirely by them.  

3rd April (Show week: day -2) – Rose tinted 

The day of the get in. I always forget how much hanging around there is. And this year it’s worse and better. 

Worse because I can do less, better because I brought work to do. 

I kind of love the fact that this was taken through a gell filter that went in one of lights, no digital trickery.