17th December – Scout Christmas 

I love Scout Christmas. 

I especially love that who I take as my +1 is a non issue. Not just “not a problem” but a complete non issue. 

When I first joined the group a lot of people in the district were surprised as it’s seen as an un welcoming group that doesn’t play well with others. But it’s not, it’s an amazing group, competitive yes but completely inclusive. 

Thank you for another evening as part of a fabulously eccentric family. 

17th August – #teamharmony

In the morning I learnt to rig and sail a cat. It’s one of those things you just ought to have done. And it was a beautiful day for it. 

And then in the evening in memory of #teamharmony Fidget and I knocked out a level six gym led by a 2000 and something snorlax and left it for someone else like this… 

1st August – Sunrise Day

It will always be Sunrise Day, the Anniversary  of the First Scout camp on Brownsea. 

A day spent on Brownsea, in Mexico, Japan, Holland, Canada, Switzerland and this year at BrumJam. I have so many reasons to be thankful to BP, and those are just the reasons from Sunrise Day. 

This Sunrise Day it has mostly rained but these are the best days of our lives.