15th October – Economic trip!

Waiting times are not always what they appear…

We only managed 14. 


26th August РScout Pride 

I went to Manchester pride as a scout. And one of the things that made it 100x better than London was the lack of bigotry. 

Normally if you have a largish group of Scouts and Guides then there is prejudice, you get the snide comments: Craft, Cooking… but this was different. And it was lovely. They mixed, chatted, danced and the two organisations were accepting. Chatting to Guides many owned up to being Scouts as well, Scouts were inclusive which is sadly unusual. 

And then there was Pride. And we marched, and the world was inclusive. 

And we went out, and people were lovely. Fidget was loved, and people were generous with compliments. It’s weird the mental response to being told you are beautiful! And when the phone was lost it was handed in. And we danced, and all was good. 

10th August – Scout Camp Day 6

It’s a beautiful day, so different from the rain of the last few days. 

A perfect mill pond, useless for sailing. 

Beautiful but eventful, you can tell it’s the end of camp because people are starting to kick off. 

An evening introduction to a game has also given me an understanding as to why my friend would get stressed and not be able to play, and everyone else wouldn’t understand – it’s a colour blind thing.