6th September – The Ukraine 

It is found. It was at the Smalls. 

I’m super happy. 

And now people can stop looking at me funny when I say I’ve lost the Ukraine. 

It is found!!


20th February – Snow day

Our Chalet was my first world centre and will always be my favourite. From the squirrel which was once it’s logo (now only found on the buff or running round outside.) To the staff and vollies and Skippy, a cat with one hell of a personality!

I still love the snow, a day spent airboarding and drinking hot chocolate will never be wasted. I just hope I can hold on to the joy once I’m home. 

 Scouting and Guiding shrinks the world in a wonderful way. Meeting people in Switzerland that you last saw in Japan at #WSJ2015 or at the GirlGuiding Cenetenary or even here at the Chalet 3 years ago, or back in 2010 for the great guide getaway. 

But mostly I find it strange the levels of willingness to just sit and watch the world exist and be beautiful. This is not a thing I can do at home. I can’t find that peace, that calmness. 


And a last evening, mostly spent marking after dinner with new friends. I just wish old friends could have been there too. 

  Even hard maths is better when you are at Our Chalet. I’m going to miss this place, it feels like coming home. 

19th August – The odd things that end up in your bed. 

I had thought about unpacking yesterday, but in reality had emptied my bag on to my bed, needed sleep so scooped it back onto the floor. 

When I woke up this morning there were some unexpected things in my bed: a cat called Po (pronunced Poe) who was being cuddled; the earphones, still in one ear after falling asleep with them in a habit picked up at the jamboree; a business card stuck to my face, one of the few that avoided the cull yet seem to have multiplied in my bag (I blame the owner) and the sniffles of a happy puppy, much missed in the morning on camp. 


14th August – It’s not goodbye – #WSJ2015 

And another adventure is over. I’ve made some amazing friends some on the other side of the world, some on the other side of the country and a variety of places in between. Some I may never see again, others I’ll probably meet in another random part of the world- bizarrely more likely than me seeing them at my home or theirs!

The end of the jamboree had the excitement of China, it’ll really be Heathrow when it hits. Going from living in a shared tent, in a sandpit, in Japan, with tens of thousands of other people to just me a pup and a cat will be odd to say the least. 
It’s been an eventful journey, at Beijing they said the whole flight was sorted, I just needed to speak to someone in Abu Dhabi… There they said they’ve not been told nothing and nothing can be done… Arive at the UK and been abandoned in a corridor as they’ve lost my wheelchair, even cabin crew and cleaners have left!! Only got moved as they needed to open the gate for boarding.